Latest Updates

Feb 2019: Rutgers Business School Dean’s Research Professor (2019-2021)

Jan 2019: Editor-in-Chief, Journal of World Business.

May 2017: A new special issue on “Global Strategy in the Age of Skepticism of Globalization” at Global Strategy Journal with Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra and Yves Doz.

An article on how to use content analysis for literature review studies – Content Analysis For Review Articles

A piece for general public on Common Fallacies associated with International Business and Trade – ib-fallacies

September 2016: Guest editing International Business Review special issue on “Competitive Dynamics and Co-evolution of MNCs and Local Rivals in Emerging Markets”

November 2015: Appointed as a core faculty in the Division of Global Affairs, Rutgers University.

August 2015: Dunning Fellow, University of Reading

June 2015: Elected as the President of the Asia Academy of Management.

April 2015: Tenured.

March 2015: I have taken a self imposed sabbatical from initiating new projects, to learn something new and do something new.  It may take a year or more, but there will be some cool research coming at the end of this break.  In the meantime, the routine stuff (writing revisions, reviewing, editing et al) continues…

June 2015: Co-Program chair for the Asia Academy of Management Conference in Hong Kong – Innovation for and from Asian Emerging Economies

October 2014: Agreed to serve as a Senior Editor for Journal of World Business for the track on “Strategy, Institutions and Governance”.

August 2014: Guest editing Journal of World Business special issue on “Business Group Affiliation and the Internationalization of Emerging Market Firms” with Vikas Kumar, Jane Lu andRobert Hoskisson.

July 2014: Agreed to serve as a Departmental Editor for Asia Pacific Journal of Management.

June 2014: AIB/Temple Best Paper Award.

August 2014: Nominated for IM division GWU-CIBER best paper award, Academy of Management, Philadelphia.


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